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Dating doesn't have to suck!


How about leaving behind the shallow world of swipping, hookups, and online dating?


Discover how by redesigning your deep love strategy you can deliberately attract the love of your life and inspire a true connection.

Are you tired of failing at love?

Are you always looking for the one and tired of chasing the wrong, emotionally unavailable people

who refuses to put in the work towards an incredible relationship? 

Maybe you're tired af of struggling to find someone who wants to do personal growth

and you just want to connect with people beyond the insipid world of online dating.

If you are ready to stop failing, wondering, guessing, and wasting time,

join us and discover how leverage the art of attraction!

Learn how you can recreate your love story, your health and your deep love strategy and master the skills

you already have that just need some fine tuning


It's time to dive into something more meaningful than you ever have before.


Discover how to attract "The one", the person your

heart truly desires by becoming the one and the best at who you are.

Art of Attraction VIP coaching, courses, and events will teach you how you can master skills

you've had your entire life and will help you discover why re-designing your deep love strategy

to attract "The One" is so important. 

Your epic love story begins here.

The question is, are you ready for "The one"?

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Helping you attract 
what you want most by:

  • Helping you redesign your deep love and health strategies with 3 key skills. Yes! whether you know it or not you already have strategies for health and love. The question is, are they working for you?

  • Showing you how to gain crystal clarity about the one your heart desires, how to really know what your 5 core values, non-negotiables are, and why they are important.​​ Do you know your number one core value?

  • Teaching you how to step into your confidence to overcome the fear of rejection or self-doubt, which will allow you to go out and take action on what it is you want. Imagine confidently going on any date!

  • Helping you discover how to tap into your Level 3 Communication and learn how to effectively communicate to open someone's listening by building rapport, tuning into their tone of voice, words, and body language. Did you know that only 7% of what you mean is communicated through what you actually say?

  • Celebrating you, your awareness and certainty in knowing that you attracted the absolute love of your life and knowing in your heart that you never ever have to settle for another bad or mediocre date, swipe, or relationship again. Now that's happiness!

Your Guides & Deep Love Strategists 


Nancy B.
TEDx Speaker and Relationship Strategist/ Founder of MANIFEST and AOA Events

Are you good at failing? I was. As I began looking back at all the relationships I had had with the men I dated and two ex-husbands, I asked myself why these relationships had failed time and time again...


What had been the elements of our dysfunction and demise?

And more importantly, what were the key tools and skills that I could quickly use to gain clarity, overcome false beliefs, regain confidence, effectively communicate and attract and manifest my ideal partner deliberately? 

After many years of trial and error, and coaching both men and women, the answers became crystal clear and it all began with me, Yes ME!

I had to redesign my deep love strategy! I had to get clear on what and who I wanted without negotiation. Let go of limiting beliefs, master my confidence and learn how to effectively communicate to open someone else's listening to ask the right questions. I had to take action towards attracting my ideal partner and the relationship I wanted.

At our AOA Events, we help you discover how to redesign your own deep love strategy and help you learn how easy it is to deliberately attract who you want without having to spend years on trial and error, your precious time, energy, and money hoping to find "The one"!


If you're ready to take charge, learn the tools and skills you need to help you step into your greatness and attract (not just find) who you want, join us at our "Art of Attraction" Live event by clicking the button below.

Stop wasting time and energy. You deserve so much more!

Grateful for you, Nancy

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Relationship Coach, Speaker and Co Founder of AOA Events

Have you ever had days or nights where you feel like you’ll just be alone forever? I think it’s safe to say that we all have at some point. 


This was especially true for me after my divorce. I remember thinking to myself “If the person who knows me the most doesn’t want to be with me, then who the hell would?” 


I was convinced that my failed past relationships meant that I was “undateable” and “unwanted”. This feeling carried on into all of my interactions with potential partners and you can imagine how that went...downhill!

It wasn’t until I was able to start really valuing myself on a deeper level that I was able to finally attract my ideal partner. Not only that, I also had to redefine what a “failed relationship” was, what it meant to be alone, and what it meant if other people didn’t approve of me. 

These were huge realizations for me that ultimately helped me gain the clarity I needed to know exactly who I wanted to attract, and how to do it. This also led to a big confidence shift inside me that enabled me to take action using Level 3 Communication.


Each of these things are just pieces of the puzzle that eventually come together to reveal a beautiful work of art that attracts all of the right people to it. 


Join Nancy and I at our next Art of Attraction event where we’ll show you how to leverage the beautiful work of art you already are as a magnet to attract your ideal partner.


Much love,


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